Trench Shoring

Trench Shoring

HASS is the leading provider of innovative solutions for all of your trench shoring needs. 

When it comes to trenchless shoring, HASS specializes in working amidst obstacle courses and we offer multiple trench shoring solutions customized to meet your project’s requirements.  We are committed to techniques that are safe, non-disruptive and environmentally friendly.  

Call on HASS Shoring to ensure your projects success:

  • Beam & Plate
  • Beam & Lagging
  • Liner Plate
  • Trench Boxes
  • Slide Rail
  • Sheet Piling

Focus on Safety

A key element to the success of any underground or civil construction project is a safe, efficient, and trouble free working space.  On most projects,  the ground conditions and/or existing utilities  dictate the trench shoring method that is selected.  HASS can facilitate a wide array of trench safety options, therefore providing more flexibility within a project design. 

Installing Beams for Shoring Project Hass Trench Shoring Houston Texas
Shoring  Beam & Lagging ​Auger Boring HASS directional drilling Texas
​Auger Boring reinforced concrete HASS directional drilling Texas Trench Shoring

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HASS has extensive experience working with both large municipalities and private industries that need highly specialized systems and state of the art equipment to get any job done while minimizing the impact on the environment.

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